Thursday, December 08, 2011

Worthless Medical Assistant Certificates and Diplomas

"Is there Really Such a Thing as a Worthless Medical Assistant Certificate, or Diploma?" 
Many might not know that marketing fake and worthless diplomas, certificates and degrees is a billion dollar industry - at least 800 million a year in the U.S. alone. So big is this market that various state offices, consumer protection agencies and educational websites warn people to use caution when it comes to new schools and distance education programs. 
Understand the definition of certified medical assistant and the medical assistant certification process and advantages, know how to locate qualified training to earn medical assistant credentials, and the difference and benefits of various programs offered, otherwise you might wind up with a piece of paper that is not worth your money and time. Realize that fake schools and diploma mills do exist and therefore, do your research.
TSS, a medical assistant school graduate, shared with us:
I'm a real go getter and everyone in my class was really hurt when we found out we were not getting certified... I feel like our school might be "black balled" and it's hurting the good students. We did hear some companies say they would not use our school's grads any longer because of the way they performed, appearance, lack of knowledge and that was with all the programs, not just the medical ones.  ~  by TSS, MA Student

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) each year hundreds become victims of unrecognized programs and online scams offering certificates and diplomas that are not fulfilling their promise. Any aspiring medical assistant must be well informed and research different forms of formal and non-formal on-the-job medical assistant training programs and then decide for themselves which one will lead to the desired work experience, credentials and degrees they seek.

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