Saturday, October 04, 2008

Medical Assistant Career Guide and Educational Resources

Medical Assistant Website Speaks to Thousands of Medical Assistants

According to the US Department of Labor some of the hottest careers lie in medical assisting. Opportunities in this field abound for men and women alike. In order to succeed they must continuously focus on their career and skill development, and network with their peers to receive help, or inspire others.

Website Provides Medical Assistant Career Guide and Educational Resources

Here is where Danni R. and her website at come into play. Danni is a former Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), who has worked side-by-side with her peers in different medical offices. As time went on, she also taught the medical assistant curriculum at well respected vocational schools in her community and online. With her broad range of experience, she understands the concerns and struggles of medical assistants and knows the needs of those who are preparing for tests, quizzes, and final exams unlike anyone else.

Today, Danni no longer works in scrubs. Instead, she has traded her scrubs for the proverbial pajamas, since she now develops and manages some of the best known online medical assistant websites and resources right from home. She speaks to thousands of medical assistants coast to coast from a small corner desk in a small home office.
Danni’s relentless efforts have paid off in many ways. Although she seldom gets to know the visitors that surf in daily to she knows that she reaches each one of them on an individual level to meet their needs.

When asked, whether it bothers her that she never gets to meet the people she touched, Danni says: "I find it rewarding and hope that will always be there for medical assistants who need a place to come to for advice and support.”
Not only does Danni speak to thousands of medical assistants, she also gives them a voice so they can communicate with eachother in her active active medical assistant web forum, where the motto is: "If medical assistants post, medical assistants will reply!".

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