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Working in the health care field offers a wide range of opportunities and many of these careers do not require years of formal education and training. One of these opportunities is becoming a certified medical assistant. In general, a certified medical assistant requires a high school diploma and then undergoes training to earn a medical assistant diploma. Upon graduation they chose to voluntarily take one of the different offered certification exams to earn credentials that are recognized in the medical assisting discipline, this also includes Registered Medical Assistants (RMA), who are also certified.

Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is an excellent career choice for those who truly enjoy helping people with unique concerns. The work is gratifying as well as rewarding that goes beyond words: that's thousands of young and old people from all walks of life that you will be making a difference to, directly and indirectly, including your own. Before getting started as a certified medical assistant, there are some things that need to be considered such as your education, financial responsibilities and most importantly, your ability to work with people of all ages.

The certified medical assistant career encompasses clinical responsibilities and administrative duties in a medical office.  On the clinical side you will perform duties such as taking and recording vital signs, new patient interviews and registration, providing patient education, preparing patients for their exams, assisting physician, EKG's, assisting with X-rays, using CPR when needed and ordering and maintaining supplies.

The administrative skills include front desk duties, answering phones, greeting patients, verifying medical and health insurance coverage, organizing medical and financial records, corresponding with patients and vendors, processing and coding insurance forms, accounting, billing and banking procedures, calling in prescriptions to the pharmacy, communicating with other allied health professionals and providers and being an all around professional medical office team member.

1.) Education: 
Becoming a certified medical assistant will require formal training from a school for medical assistant, either ending with a medical assistant diploma or a 2 year degree in medical assisting (Associates of Science, A.S. in Medical Assisting). Once you have graduated you will then be required to pass one of the national medical assistant certification exams of your choice to earn the certified medical assistant status.

2.) Financial: 
Education costs money and this can be accomplished through your own finances, or obtaining government funded education loans when enrolling in a formal medical assisting program. Normally if you cannot afford to pay tuition costs, most of the time you will qualify. These loans will cover college tuition costs, but will not cover your transportation, food, or simple school supplies. These low interest student loans typically become due 6 months after graduation and you will have to start making monthly payments until they are completely paid off. 

With determination and commitment, becoming a certified medical assistant is an excellent and fulfilling career decision many have already chosen and never regretted it.

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