Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Choosing the Right Medical Assistant School to Succeed on the Job


Where so many qualified medical assistants are graduating from formal training programs, only to find themselves competing with their peers for available medical assistant jobs, obtaining medical assistant certification takes on a whole new meaning. Many medical assistant schools gear their program and curriculum toward their own preferred certification organization with which they have a contract or agreement, however, what they are not always sufficiently explaining to their student body is that there are additional other well recognized medical assistant certification sponsors offering their services and professional membership opportunities to those medical assistants who qualify.

Selecting a Better School for Your Vocational Training

"After paying $9,000, I have nothing!" When Silvia Pascu laid out $9,000 to attend the Canadian Aesthetics Academy in 2007 she shared the aspirations of many new looking for a foothold in a promising career. While we have never visited this school and don't know the owner or faculty of this particular school, we know that similar consumer reports, disappointed student's statements and complaints on message boards and forums is on the rise and also happening all over the USA. Unsuspecting students sign up for training at questionable schools assuming they are fully qualified, accredited and affiliated with a real campus school, and then, when they apply for jobs, they realize they were indeed not getting the training that would prepare them for meaningful employment. Considering the magnitude of this problem, this unfortunate situation gets very little media cover.

Matching Your Medical Assistant Job Application and Resume With the Posted Wanted Ad

With so many applying for the same jobs, showing in your medical assistant resume that you have successfully graduated from a medical assistant training program from a reputable community college, or accredited vocational training institution will not only positively influence the time it takes for you to land your very fist  job, but also positively affect the medical assistant salaries employers are willing to offer you.

Remember, that when you fill out your medical assistant job application or submit your resume to make sure to add all your previous and present skills, knowledge and qualifications so that it matches the advertised medical assistant job description as closely as possible, emphasize the type of medical assistant training  and any outstanding achievements you have accomplished and mention that you are confident and a good candidate to handle the medical assistant duties as posted in their ad.

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