Saturday, March 24, 2012

Student Medical Assistant Saves Lives At the Scene of a Serious Accident

Author: Danni R., Owner/Founder
Amanda Cesare, who had recently completed her Emergency Situation CPR for Adults & Children certification as part of her medical assistant training, played an instrumental role as first responder at a serious highway car accident scene in Connecticut. Thanks to her medical and emergency training, Amanda was able to quickly assess the situation while the police, ambulance and EMS services were still en route to the accident scene. She knew that moving an injured person could make an already critical situation far worse.

"I climbed into the badly mangled car and I put a flashlight on the man's face," she said, adding that she noticed immediately that the man was seriously injured. "And I saw that his chest was rising up and down." The next day, while back at Brandford Hall vocational training institute where she is receiving her medical assistant training, she shared the previous night's events with her classmates and instructors. "They were all saying; oh, now you're a hero," Amanda said with a laugh.


bottle_cap said...

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Suji said...

Good job, Amanda! You are really a hero. All of us can be heroes as long as we do things for the common good.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!!!