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Medical Assistants: The Backbone Of A Medical Office


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Backing The Medical Office Team

Most medical offices consist of a team of allied health and medical professionals, non-licensed assisting staff and skilled workers. The team may consist of doctors, licensed clinicians, senior care specialists, nurses, physician assistants, lab technicians, phlebotomists, CT Scan technologist, ultra-sound tech, etc… often all under one roof in a lager group practice, HMO, or comprehensive medical care establishment. All are very important members of a medical team, but the medical assistant can only be considered the backbone of the entire team.  All of the professionals mentioned above rely heavily on the medical assistant in order to do their jobs more efficiently.  Some may consider MA’s as the cornerstone, or foundation of the office.  The entire process of receiving medical care starts with the medical assistant (MA).

Important Contributions of the Medical Assistant (MA)

The first step is taking or scheduling the appointment. This task is usually handled by the MA.  They don’t just pencil in a time on the doctor’s schedule, a lot of this is done via computer entry and data processing systems. A medical assistant collects vital information and patient demographics, including healthcare and medical insurance, the patient's reason for the visit, or complaint of injury, quickly assesses if the illness, or injury should be immediately addressed by the doctor or nurse, or should be escalated to emergency services requiring a 9-1-1 call.

First In Line at the Point-Of-Service Front and Back

Once the patient enters into the medical center, the first one at the Point-of-Service is the medical assistant, also know as the medical office receptionist. After the patient has been registered at the front desk, he or she is taken in by a medical assistant from the back, to read and record vital signs,  and then escort the patient to the doctor’s office, or care specialist, each of which are briefly interviewed by the MA prior to seeing the patient.

Heroes Are Defined by the Role They Play – Not By Medals

The duties of an MA are extensive and he or she must be able to be swift and multitask. Some of these task include but not limited to; sorting mail, filing, updating patient charts, electronic medical data records (EMR), handling doctor and medical specialist referrals, disposal of bio-hazards, replacing and emptying prescription pads, etc…, because of the hard work of the  MA, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have more time to evaluate and treat more patients, more efficient and effectively.

So MA’s be proud to know, like the backbone in your body, or the linebacker of the football team, it is you who holds up the medical center, or office.  You most likely won’t get a commendation medal, raise, promotion, or not even a pat on the back, but what does in matter? Pride is a personal experience anyway, so STAND TALL. It often is the unsung hero that makes a world of a difference to people, and you are one of them.

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