Thursday, November 24, 2011

Microsoft Technology for Mobile Devices to Access Medical Information


Using mobile devices to access medical information is nothing new. Contrary to popular belief, use of mobile devices in a medical office, or health care facility did not make its first debut with the recent invention of the G4 iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphones, although they certainly have spurred the popularity of mobile devices in the medical office even further. Microsoft elaborated on this concept as early as 2003 when they wrote:
You can use Microsoft Windows Mobile technology and Microsoft Office System programs running on portable devices, such as Tablet PCs, to access and record patient information and perform many other healthcare-related tasks. And when you do have time to access your PC in your office, you can synchronize Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 — running on a mobile device — with your PC.
Microsoft's article introduces physicians and their medical office staff to advances in mobile and wireless technology so they can make the most of their valuable time. It shares information how busy doctors and medical assistants can effectively use a mobile device to deliver fast, high-quality healthcare without it interfering with the patient flow and other daily medical routines. As a matter of fact, Microsoft says that use of a mobile device can help deliver fast, high-quality healthcare.

More at Medical Assistant NET website.

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