Sunday, August 21, 2011

Announcing the NEXT Level in Your Medical Assisting Career: Specialty Certified Medical Assistant (SCMA™)

Over the last few years there has been increased awareness and overwhelming interest in  certification and specialization among medical assistants in the United States. Experienced medical assistants know how important recognized credentials are to their success.

The medical and healthcare industry has matured to the point where doctors, clinics and facilities recruiting new medical assistant staff ask their applicants about credentials, experience and unique qualifications they may have to do the job. They know that medical assistants who are certified, or specialized will meet widely-recognized standards for professional excellence and are up to date on the latest techniques and research in their field. When physicians review resumes they want to hire a professional. 

"Hiring a certified medical assistant makes everyone's job easier. Those medical assistants who earned a designation have a proven track record of continuing education and expertise in their discipline. This means better customer satisfaction and happier patients." 

Those looking to document their professional expertise and wishing to earn a unique distinction in their specific focus field can now do so by taking the Specialty Certified Medical Assistant(tm) (SCMA) exam, the only medical assistant certification with a therapeutic focus provided by Certification Commission, which is the highest and most widely-recognized standard for professional excellence in a medical specialty field AND specific therapeutic area. 
Specialty Certified Medical Assistant (SCMA™) certification in therapeutic specialties are presently offered in:
·         Family Medicine (SCMA-FM™) 
·         Geriatrics (SCMA-G™)
·         Internal Medicine (SCMA-IM™)
·         OB/GYN (SCMA-OBG™)
·         Pediatrics (SCMA-PD™)
·         Transplantation Surgery (SCMA-TTS™)
·         Cardiology (SCMA-CD™)
·         Oncology (SCMA-ON™)
·         Urology (SCMA-U™)
·         Endocrinology (SCMA-END™)
·         Women’s Health (SCMA-WH™)

Once certified through Certification Commission you have earned the distinct privilege to list this unique credential after your name; for example, as a member who completed the pediatrics certification you can list your name in either of the following ways: Jane Doe, SCMA-PD™, or Jane Doe, SCMA(PD)™. It proves that you are fully trained and dedicated to the particular therapeutic area.

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