Monday, August 29, 2011

The Chiropractic Assistant

The chiropractor can't do it all alone. The chiropractor's job is to focus on the patient's concerns and recovery, typically an average of 122 patients a week, of which 5-6 are new patients and does not want to get involved in answering the phones, file medical charts, register new patients, verify their referrals and insurance information and book appointment. Therefore, most chiropractors hire at least 2-3 staff members to keep the front and back office area workflow on track and running smoothly.

A chiropractic assistant's morning will likely start with cleaning the waiting room, pulling patient charts, opening the office, registering patients for their appointment, setting up the treatment areas and monitoring them during their prescribed treatments. Also:
• customer service
• excellent interpersonal communication
• patient and office safety
• administrative and clinical tasks
• strong Computer skills
• First aid and CPR certified
The chiropractor's office hours typically are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM; no holidays and weekends, unless they are asked to work on Saturdays to accommodate patients that cannot come to the office during regular work-week hours.

One of the chiropractic assistant’s most important duties is to register new patients, answer phones, pull and maintain medical files and records, schedule patient visits, explain treatment goals and monitor patient’s responses to treatments. At times, under the chiropractor’s direct supervision, they will lift, move and position patients during individual, or group treatment activities, assist during massage therapy, decompression, traction, or electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat therapy and provide instruction during therapeutic exercises, while seeking additional assistance when problems arise, brining them to the immediate attention of the chiropractor.

Those wishing to enter into this newly emerging career must thoroughly research whether there are any specific licensing requirements in their state of residency and the location in which they will practice their skill. Some of the equipment typically used are infrared lamps, ice- and heat packs, ultrasound and x-ray equipment, some of which may require a special license (e.g. medical assistants, who expose patients to radiographic imaging devices, may need a limited x-ray permit in order to practice in their state).

Chiropractic Assistant Qualifications

One important employment prerequisite might be to have a limited x-ray license, since radiological imaging is such a big part of the chiropractor's work.
Additional job specific requirements might be:
• Chiropractic assistant certification through a state approved program
• Limited x-ray and ultrasound license
• One year experience working as a chiropractic or medical assistant
• Attending workshops and continuing education programs
Furthermore, chiropractic assistants, just like medical assistants, are often expected to attend department staff meetings and in-service programs. If certified, they are expected to maintain their certification status active and up-to-date through the professional membership association who provided their credential. Their pay rate is based on location, training, credentials and years of experience. 

Chiropractic Assistant in Florida
To work as a Chiropractic Assistant in Florida you need to apply and register with the State, or more precisely the Board of Chiropractic Medicine which runs under the Florida Department of Health. The application process is rather simple. The registration fee is $25, plus a $5 unlicensed activity fee, which is non-refundable. It is wise to read Section 460 of the Florida Statutes and Rule Chapter 64B2, Florida Administrative Code before you send in your application and money.

The registered chiropractic application form can be obtained directly from the Department of Health, Post Office Box 6330 Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6330 or downloaded online

On the form you will provide your full name, address, phone number, email and social security number and answer a few yes and no questions, such as whether you have been enrolled, or participated in any drug or alcohol recovery program, been treated for a diagnosed mental or physical disorder within the last five years. You and your supervisor will sign that you have carefully read the questions in the foregoing application and have answered them completely, without reservations of any kind and declare, that your answers and all statements made by me herein are true and correct, and that's pretty much it, except, your employer might prefer that you also have a limited x-ray license.

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