Friday, June 24, 2011

Work for a Chiropractor

Accepting a position under the employ of a chiropractor is an excellent way for anyone, including medical assistants, to make a difference within their community and brings advancement opportunities along with certain benefits and decent pay.

Chiropractic Technologist or Chiropractic Assistant

Just like their medical assistant counterparts in a medical doctor's practice, the chiropractic technologist, or chiropractic assistant works under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractor, performing both clerical and clinical tasks. While their scope of practice may vary from office to office and state laws and regulations generally may differ from state to state, their duties are assigned based on their qualifications and training and, of course, their ability to communicate, lift, escort, and position patients. The goal is to follow and achieve progressive treatment plan outcomes as defined by a medical physician, and/or the chiropractor.

The chiropractor's office hours typically are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM; no holidays and weekends, unless they keep their office open on Saturdays to accommodate patients that cannot come in during regular work-week hours.

While chiropractors run their administrative and front office similar to any other medical practice and take a medical history the same way other health care providers do, when they examine their patients they primarily look at:
  • Muscle strength versus weakness
  • Patient's posture in different positions
  • Spinal range of motion
  • Structural abnormalities

Where Will I Work?

The vast majority of chiropractors operate their own practice; others are partners in a group practice, or partnership office setting. Their daily routine includes nutritional counseling, application and removal of supports and wraps, hot and cold compresses, exercises, decompression, physical and massage therapy regimens, rehab and weight loss counseling, acupuncture and sometimes general medical services. Many recommend nutritional products and natural supplements, ointments and topicals, herbals, pillows, mattresses and orthotics to relief neck pain, back pain, stiff joints and muscle tension.

One important employment prerequisite might be to have a limited x-ray license, since radiological imaging is such a big part of the chiropractor's work. Those wishing to enter into this newly emerging career must research whether there are any specific licensing requirements in their state of residency and the location in which they will practice their skill. Read more about excellent career and specialization opportunities for medical assistants working as a chiropractic assistant.

To learn more about the medical assisting career and what a medical assistant does please visit Medical Assistant Net on the Web.


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