Thursday, June 16, 2011

Medical Assistants Who Want to Specialize In Phlebotomy

More and more medical assistants want to specialize in the phlebotomy field. They enjoy the direct patient interaction and simply are very good at drawing blood. Medical assisting training programs typically provide extensive phlebotomy training as part of their standard curriculum. Others are trained right on the job in the art of venipuncture and finger sticks. Furthermore, workshops and sponsored 2-5 day courses are offered in many locations everywhere. If there aren't any workshops, or on the job training opportunities offered to become a phlebotomist/phlebotomy technician in your area, you might have go the route of general health care programs that lead to the desired certificate, diploma, or degree. Click here for more details and tips about becoming a phlebotomy technologist and the many training opportunities and avenues.

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Mitchel Jones said...

I think your information is good, however,I've found other opportunities in the MA field as well. I learned casting at one clinic and typically in urgent care an MA gets to do phlebotomy often. Quite frankly, there are many good opportunities for MA's out there who want a change from strictly patient care. I find your information to be very helpful!