Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Single Mom: Why I Wanted to Be a Medical Assistant and Not a Nurse

I was always interested in the medical field and a meaningful career and am interested in working as a medical assistant, rather than in nursing, which requires enrolling in a nursing program, which is hard to get into and takes time.

- I like medical assistant because they work Mo - Fri in a clean environment.
- Contrary to nursing, medical assistants work normal business hours, no weekends and holidays. This gives me time with my family.
- Take home pay is good. Once you take the certified medical assistant exam it gets even better.

When I needed to learn more about this career and what it entails I found EVERYTHING I needed to know quickly and easily on the website at www.certified-medical-assistant.com: -description -duties -rules and an easy school finder. The website helped me find the perfect school to get into medical assisting fast.

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