Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Medical Assistants Seeking Certified Phlebotomy Credentials

Medical assistants often are trained in venipuncture (blood drawing techniques) and are responsible for obtaining ordered blood specimens for diagnostic analysis in a laboratory. Medical assistants often seek phlebotomist certifications to work as phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility.

The money is good and the jobs are plentiful. Phlebotomists, and medical assistants who perform venipunctures (and phlebotomy) as part of their daily routine in California need special approved phlebotomy training and phlebotomy certification in order to work in this occupation in this state. The certification exam is sponsored by a handful recognized certification sponsors that allow phlebotomy certification candidates to apply and take their proctored phlebotomy certification exams.

A list of Professional membership organizations and agencies that certify phlebotomy candidates by examination in the USA is here: Phlebotomy Certifications.

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certified nursing assistants said...

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