Monday, May 20, 2013

The New Medical Assistant NET For Mobile Devices

We went mobile!!! 

We have built a mobile app version of the Medical Assistant NET website for those who access the Internet using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  Best part is, the website knows whether you are using a PC or mobile device.

We created the mobile app website for medical assistants because we want them to stay informed and in touch while on the go. Medical Assistant NET was the 1st website for medical assistants on the Internet when we built it in 2002 and it remains the top site for medical assistants today, designed to fit nicely on a mobile device like your iPhone, or Droid.

Our well-designed mobile website begins with a nice, clean navigation menu and only displays the most important information to keep it lightweight and easy to read. When you compare it to the Internet version of the site, you notice we've left out much of the web design to focus mostly on text content. This improves usability for our viewers.

Try it out!!!
Just go to form your PC (your every day web browser) and you see the normal site, then use your mobile device and you will be AUTOMATICALLY taken to the mobile version of Medical Assistant NET. Yes, our website is THIS smart.

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Danni R. said...

All you have to do is take your mobile phone, or pad, such as Droid, iPhone, BlackBerry or whichever you have and go to Medical Assistant Net and it will automatically show you the mobile version at Many medical assistants are already familiar with this website. If you go there with your traditional PC Internet browser, you will see the normal web version. If you use your mobile, you get the mobile version (as shown in the pic). The website can distinguish a mobile device from a normal browser. Call it a SMART website.