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Temporary Job Opportunities for Flexible Medical Assistants


Medical Assistant Temp Employment

Where Do Medical Assistants Find Work?

Many unemployed medical assistants seeking jobs often miss out because they forget about temporary work opportunities; they forget that many work opportunities in a medical office and healthcare facilities come from the need to replace workers on temporary leave of absence, either due to an extended vacation, sickness, pregnancy or under the family leave act to care for an ill family member.

Job market. The job market for medical assistant remains excellent. Healthcare has added 41,000 new jobs in 2011 and medical offices, clinics, and hospitals are continually looking for qualified applicants to satisfy the increasing demand for qualified workers to fill the employment gap.
Job prospects. Job seekers applying for medical assistant positions should find excellent opportunities through temporary staffing agencies and recruiters, since medical assisting is projected to account for a very large number of new jobs and many other opportunities in today's labor market.

Medical assistant students also often seek temporary work to gain hands-on experience while in school and earn the money they need for their family, or education. So, they often seek out local temporary staffing agencies to help them find job assignments that fit in with their schedule and family obligations. This is where visiting a temporary staffing and employment agency can really help, and help fast.

Qualified medical assistants with formal training and experience usually have the best chances to get hired quick to fill the employment gap. Often this temporary employment arrangement can eventually lead to a permanent full time position within that company, or at best, provide a strong letter of recommendation which can open doors in a different office that's recruiting additional permanent staff.

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