Sunday, July 17, 2011

Most Employers Want Certified Medical Assistants...

When Applying for Medical Assistant Positions: Are Certified Medical Assistants Preferred?

Are you a recent medical assistant school graduate or...
  • a medical assistant already working but not yet certified?
  • does your diploma seem worthless without experience?
  • do you have experience but no way to reliably document it?
 If you are a job seeking medical assistant you may already know that...

Most Employers Today Demand:
We want CERTIFICATIONS before we hire!

To work as a medical assistant you don't have to be certified (in most states, US states), but if your goal is to work in a large regional medical center, often the ambulatory medical offices and specialties affiliated with local hospitals, such as, for example our large BayState Regional Medical Center, or Mercy Hospital, which has satellite offices and laboratories throughout the Western Massachusetts communities, then you should strongly consider getting certified, because that's what they want.

You must understand, that while getting certified is not legislated nor mandated by (most) US states, it is the EMPLOYER who set their specific standards and decide what qualifications they want (see: Phlebotomy or limited x-ray training would also be a plus.

But how do you get certified?
Medical assistant certification is earned by passing a written medical assistant certification exam. This gives you recognized credentials and verification of your qualifications in various areas of the medical assisting discipline, including clinical and administrative areas. When applying for medical assistant jobs these credentials are your secret weapon, your "ace in a hole", the sure thing that makes you stand out from the rest. As long as you keep your certification status active these credentials are valid, recognized and portable to all places in the USA where you may work now and in the future. Medical assistant certification exams for individuals who meet the training and experience requirement as determined by the sponsoring organization are provided by the following entities:
- American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
- American Medical Technologists (AMT)
- National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
- National Registry for Medical Assisting (NRMA)
- American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants
You, after you took the certification exam, will receive an official document from the organization which presides over the exam to confirm that you have passed their medical assistant certification exam. You are then allowed to use their designated credentials behind your name as long as you abided by the rules and keep your certification status active. You will also receive a pin or name tag with your credential engraved, a professional membership card and instructions on how to keep your certified medical assistant status current.

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WHY do so many employers now prefer hiring certified medical assistants over non-certified medical assisting staff? What are the various medical assistant certification avenues and their benefits, purpose and cost?

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Certified medical assistants are multiskilled practitioners who assume a wide range of roles in physicians' offices and other health care settings, and are viewed by physicians as vital partners in increasing medical office productivity. The duties of certified medical assistants range from administrative to clinical, so you should be prepared to perform any or all the tasks. Thank you...