Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Stands Behind the Medical Assistant's Name

Have You Ever Asked Yourself: What Stands Behind the Medical Assistant's Name?

If you asked anybody, whether a health care professional, neighbor, or friend what stands behind a medical assistant's name, chances are you might get one of the following two responses:
1.) what the heck is a medical assistant?
2.) let me think about that for a moment

The latter will give it a moment's thought and then very likely say:
a.) I don't know
b.) a bunch of letters?

... by which they are referring to various certified medical assistant credentials, such as RMA, NCMA, CCMA, and CMA. You know the gamut of certified credentials and designations! However... what truly stands behind a medical assistant's name are not roles, titles, credentials, or the letters that signify a certification, but MOSTLY and more appropriately their dedication, hard work and pride in their profession and what they do. Not every medical assistant is certified, but every medical assistant is proud and giving it their very best helping people and making a difference in their community, even if it is as "only" a medical assistant (MA) without any special certifications.

So, if you are a medical assistant I would like to hear your stories and thoughts on What Stands Behind the Medical Assistant's Name - be spontaneous - right off the top of your head!!! (And don't come back with answer a.) - You already KNOW what a medical assistant is. The POST COMMENTS link is below.

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