Sunday, January 02, 2011

Medical Assistant On the Job Training vs. Formal Vocational Training

Medical assistant on the job training

Medical Assistant Training Options
Medical assistants can obtain their job skills either though eclectic or individualized teaching at vocational training institutions, from online medical assistant self-study programs, or through direct on the job training. On the job training for medical assistants typically focuses only on the skills that need to be handled. 

Benefits of Either on the Job Training - Or Academic...
The benefit is that this informal training counts as direct hands-on experience, while also getting paid. On the other hand, formal voc-ed training programs provide medical assistant school graduates with a diploma, or transferable academic degree and qualifies them to sit for certain medical assistant certification exams.


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On-the-job trainings is very essential as it prepares an individual to the actual work that he/she has undergone. There are also online continuing education and certification courses that can be helpful in an individuals' on the job training.