Monday, December 13, 2010

Stand Behind the Medical Assistant Name!

A brand new website, Medical Assistant Name wants to put a name to the medical assistant profession. Thousands of individuals are working in the medical assistant field, yet, they have no means to make their voices heard, and their concerns known to the public, except when they join a medical assistant forum to network with their peers. So many medical assistants out there have success stories, concerns and tips they want to share, yet they have no voice.

This new website at is to change this once and for all: here is a new place on the Internet to do so and voice off. Medical assistants are invited to leave their comments on topics that concern them as professionals and students, such as sitting for certification exams, what their scope of practice entails, resume writing, and searching for jobs without having to join a forum or message board... The site is still young but a fabulous idea dedicated to all medical assistants from coast to coast: Ready, set, go...

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rajumadhur said...

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