Friday, September 11, 2009

MA Temp Work While Still in School?

How About Temp Work While in School?

Medical assistant students often seek temporary, or part-time work to gain hands-on experience while in school, and earn the money they need for their family or education. So, they partner with local Temp Agencies to help them find job assignments that fit in with their school schedule and on-going family obligations.

Most facilities expect their medical assistant to have the following ability:

  • give safe, accurate injections.
  • mathematically calculate medication dosages.
  • correctly mix medications for injections.
  • accurately identify syringe calibrations.
  • identify injection sites using anatomical landmarks
  • identify and use basic medical equipment.
  • greet patients in a friendly, professional manner
  • work with a variety of personalities in the medical office
  • manage multiple tasks effectively and in a timely
  • master the required computer skills
  • use medical terminology and abbreviations
  • schedule practices/referrals for physician offices
  • do lab testing in compliance with JCAHO, OSHA, and CLIA standards

Pros & Cons of Temp Work Assignments

  1. Making a major difference to needy offices
  2. Learning and seeing new things
  3. Gaining varied experiences from different places
  4. Meeting new people, making connections
  5. A foot in the door for a future position
  6. Flexibility and freedom to say no
  1. Not knowing what is expected
  2. Working in an unfamiliar work environment
  3. Not being part of the established group
  4. Adjusting to a new setting and people
  5. Stressing out to do things righ
  6. Having to perform tasks right off the bat
  7. Not receiving additional training
  8. Having to say no when necessary

And where do you learn all this? You guessed it right...

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