Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Governs The Medical Assistant's Role?

Physicians, licensed health care practitioners and medical office managers are not always sure of what tasks can be assigned to the medical assistants they supervise.

  • What is a medical assistant's role?

  • What qualifications must they have?

  • Who must be present when they work?

  • Who can supervise the medical assistant?

  • Who do they report to?

  • What can they do?

  • In the USA it is the Medical Practice Act and the Board of Medical Examiners that govern the practice of medicine to protect the health, safety and well being of citizens. These boards have ruled that physicians are accountable for the actions of medical assistants under their employ. Therefore, the first place to start asking questions regarding the medical assistant's scope of practice is the State Board of Medical Examiners!

    One can also check with their State Health Department and national recognized certifying bodies for medical assistants such as AAMA and AMT.

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