Monday, May 12, 2008

How To Get Into College

Getting into a college can be an intimidating and scary process. There was a time—maybe 20, or 30 years ago—when students would put in three applications and were accepted into one, or two schools.

Unfortunately, there is NO backdoor in the college admissions process. There’s only the front door, and you either crawl in through the crevices, or you waltz in. That is, if you get in at all. I know it, because I've spent two years researching the complexity of today’s admissions standards.
Know what to expect! You usually get only one chance at it. That's it! It’s up to you to gather whatever information you can in order to compete to get into a matching college.

Find your match! American colleges, and college admissions standards ought to be simple, but today’s admissions process has become a high-stake obstacle course.
To help you with your efforts to find and apply for a college that's right for you I've researched and created this college admissions guide as a guide for any of you considering a tertiary education at one of America’s 2,400+ four-year undergraduate colleges (instead of a vocational education and training program).

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