Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Medical Assistant???

Medical assisting is an exciting and challenging program of study which prepares the student to work in a wide variety of health care environments including hospitals, physicians' offices, clinics, laboratories and state health facilities.

The medical assistant is an important link between the patient and the health care delivery system and provides essential support in the areas of patient care, medical and lab procedures, records management and office administration. Students will be exposed to practical administrative, interpersonal and clinical skills which will prepare them with the technical ability and versatility needed to establish careers in the field of allied health services.

Those who have worked in the profession for a few years often wonder if they should go on and become a nurse. Others continue in the medical assiting field for many, many years. Not because of the pay (there still is a big gap between the medical assistant's wages and that of a nurse), but because of the stong relationships they forge with the doctors and other health care staff and also with their patients, which almost always is a long term relationship. In a hospital it is more likely that doctors, nurses and patients come and go within a very short time! And although all health care occupations are very rewarding, nurses hardly ever know their patients as well as medical assistants do. Therefore it can be said, that being a medical assistant is NOT about the money, but about helping people and actively contributing to the local community.

Learn how you can become a medical assistant not far from you or even online. To learn more about educational requirements, and practical tips for handling emergencies, and proper documentation visit Medical Assistant Net on the Web. There is lots of additional "scope of practice for medical assistants" info at that web site.

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Liz said...

Nice informative site. I am interested in taking some classes but I am unsure what the difference is between a medical assistant and a nurses aid. Can you please tell me. Is there also a difference in the amount of schooling required?