Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Word of Caution Before Signing up For Distance Education and Training

Distance education and online training over the Internet fills a vital gap in the education field for non-traditional students, and provides e-learners with convenience, flexibility, and the ability to study anywhere, any time without being on campus. The majority of the students that seek training through virtual schools online are around 35 years old, work at full-time jobs, and two-thirds have family responsibilities. Important is to realize that online programs are not always accredited or legit.

Internet Scams
The Internet is known for many different types of scams. Sometimes, if not careful, the certificate or diploma distance education learners receive is not even worth the paper it is printed on and the time and money invested was wasted. Online training providers, non-traditional universities, and colleges who offer virtual and distance learning programs have different accreditation standards. It is important to recognize the difference between legitimate and fully accredited vs. illegitimate and non-accredited correspondence schools before signing up for any distance education courses or programs.

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